Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chubby Cheeks

I still can't believe we have 3 kids.

Grandma Penny made BYU pajamas for the boys for Christmas. They are the cutest things. Dash has been picking out his outfits lately and he always wants to wear these pants.

Dixon still loves Jacey and helps with her all the time. He holds her as often as he can. He calls her Jace and sings funny songs to her.

Everyone says Dash looks just like me. What they don't realize it that he has Scott's personality. He is happy all the time. He teases Dixon relentlessly. He thinks everything is silly. If I yell at him he smiles or laughs back. And he is the sneakiest little thing ever to live. He fills my day with endless amusement.

It is a pain to carry your lovie around and still be able to play with toys. So Dash has learned to improvise.

Grandma Joy and Jacey Joy. Jacey is already learning who she has wrapped around her little finger...

Looks like another blue-eyed baby.


This picture makes me want to go stretch out in bed and take a looong nap. It also makes me think of the Tom Petty song "Free Fallin'" for some reason. All that is missing is a chalk outline around her body.

No matter what I do, Jacey's hair ends up standing on end. Straight up. It will not be tamed.

I gotta admit- I am loving the baby girl clothes!!

It's kind of a big deal for Dixon to share his blanket. He is the best brother.


When wet her hair is tight curls. When dry it looks like she's been electrocuted.

Best daddy ever.

I would kill for this kid's eyelashes. And energy. And bed time...

Dixon and Dash are sweet enough to make sure we don't oversleep.

Watch out ladies.

Life is good.

He tries to look innocent
I will never know how they tamed her hair in the hospital.

The Many Faces of Dixon

Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome Baby Jacey

Jacey Joy Dunaway
born: December 08, 2011
weight: 7 lb 6 oz
time: 07:22 a.m.
paternity: undetermined

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Summer Highlights

First of all, I guess I should start by announcing that we are expecting a baby girl in December. I have been really sick so it's been a while since I posted. So here are picures of some summer fun:

At the zoo. I think Dash was on the brink of heat stroke.

Dixon and Grandma Joy at the zoo.

Daxton!!! Phillip and Tiffany came to visit for a few weeks. It was soooo fun having them here but I only took a few pictures. Turns out it's kinda hard to monitor 2 kids and take pics at the same time. Hopefully Phillip and Tiffany took some good ones.

Dash turned 1!!!!!

This is Dash imitating his daddy. Sitting in a car and talking on a cell phone. At least he was polite enough to wave.

Turns out he's not a cake fan. Big surprise.

Dunaway family bbq.

We've lost another child's affection to Ryan.

Michael and Erica. Dixon LOVES his cousins!
Not big enough to sit at the table but still wants to play.


Farmland at Thanksgiving Point.
It wasn't enough for Dixon to pet the pony. He wanted to hold the rope too.

Grandma Joy

Dixon and Dash are still best friends.